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07/06/2012 15:19:20 WIB

PT. Bentangvisi Dinamika Utama

Under the auspices of PT. BENTANGVISI DINAMIKA UTAMA,  irakoesnocommunications (IKComm) is the new name irakoesnoproduction (IKPro), which was established in Jakarta in 2004.

Change the name of the company in early 2006 along with the development and management commitment to focus on the provision of Integrated Communication Strategies (Integrated Strategic Communications) and increase the satisfaction of the client / service user.

Profesional management team and qualified personnel in the field of Media & Public Relations, supported by an associaton with rich experience in the field of communications and government relations make IKComm able to maintain its commitment to provide the best results for client satisfaction.



Being a company in the field of innovative Business Communications Consultant and Dynamic.



*   Critical, incisive, and brave in every step in order to maintain the quality.

*  Utilization of the latest informatics technology as a support  strategy and achieving goals  


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